Catalyst 2030 Awards | 2021

For Systemic Change

Awards Process | 2021

2021 saw our first annual Catalyst 2030 Awards. Our nomination process, which began in November 2020, evolved with the ongoing feedback of our members. Like everything with Catalyst 2030, it was a collaborative process.


The Development of the Awards

  • An Awards Committee was formed at the Catalyst 2030 General Assembly (the monthly meeting of all Catalyst 2030 members) in November 2020 where members were invited to volunteer.
  • The comprehensive Awards criteria were developed based on the collective expertise of the Catalyst 2030 membership, building off the Embracing Complexity, Getting from Crisis to Systems Change and New Allies reports.
  • The Awards were officially launched on 17 December 2020 when applications were invited.
  • Members were asked to nominate actors committed to systems change who have been key to their work. Nominators were asked to ensure that their nominees are aligned with Catalyst 2030’s values and that the nominee treats social entrepreneurs with respect, encourages diversity and collaboration and supports systems change.
  • Nominations were open to Catalyst 2030 members through an online nomination form available from 17 December 2020 to 1 February 2021.

Nomination Process


Awards Review

The Awards Committee received and reviewed the extensive list of more than 200 eligible Award nominees. The Committee then divided into sub-committees, based on the award categories, to shortlist the nominees.

Awards Selection Process

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