Catalyst 2030 Awards

For Systemic Change

Overall Awards Criteria

The overall criteria for the Awards were developed from the collective expertise of Catalyst 2030 members. They build on the frameworks presented in the following reports:

Reports building framework for governments

New Allies Report

New Allies: How governments can unlock the potential of social entrepreneurs for the common good that is available online here.

The New Allies Handbook

The New Allies Handbook builds on the recommendations of the New Allies report and provides practical initiatives for civil servants to execute.

Reports building framework for corporates

Catalysing Collaboration report

Catalysing Collaboration: How & Why Corporates & Social Enterprises Should Partner to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals that is accessible online here.

Reports building framework for donors

Embracing complexity report

Embracing Complexity: Towards a Shared Understanding of Funding Systems Change that is accessible online here.

An investigation into financing transformation report

An Investigation into Financing Transformation that is accessible online here.

The reports above informed the five key principles for funding systems change. The Awards criteria will assess to what extent nominees:

  • Embrace a systems mindset
  • Support evolving paths to systems change
  • Work in true partnership
  • Prepare for long-term engagement
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders

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