Catalyst 2030 Awards

For Systemic Change

The Catalyst 2030 Awards Process

Collaboration is an integral part of everything Catalyst 2030 does, and the awards selection process is no different.


Preparation and Development Phase

  • Nominations open for 2024 Awards: 6 May to 8 July 2024.
  • Members are asked to nominate actors committed to systems change who have been key to their work. Nominators should ensure that their nominees are aligned with Catalyst 2030’s values and that the nominee treats social entrepreneurs with respect, encourages diversity and collaboration and supports systems change.
  • Catalyst 2030 members can access nomination forms here during the nomination period.

Nomination Process


Awards Review

Due dilligence: 8 July to 19 August 2024. The Awards Committee receives and reviews the list of eligible Award nominees. The Committee, which is divided into sub-committees based on the award categories, shortlists the nominees.

  • 19 August to 10 September 2024: The long and short list of nominees will be reviewed and approved by the Catalyst 2030 Governing Council.
  • Both the long list of nominees and the final shortlisted nominees will be reviewed and approved by the General Assembly.
  • The Jury reviews and approves shortlist nominees.
  • Finally, the Governing Council samples membership opinion.
  • The Award finalists are informed by personal email. Members and non-members are invited to the Awards Ceremony.

Awards Selection Process

Catalyst 2030 Awards 2024 Timeline

  • 6 May – 8 July: Nominations Open
  • 8 July – 19 August: Due Diligence
  • 19 August – 10 September: Awards Reviews, Voting & Selection
  • 11 – 17 September: Finalists Contacted
  • 18 September – 6 November: Finalists Stories
  • 07 November: Awards Ceremony 2024

Guidelines for Nominations

When nominating, please be aware that:

  • Only Catalyst 2030 members may submit nominations. (More information about membership here)
  • Catalyst members are ineligible for nomination.
  • You do not have to submit nominations for every category. You may submit more than one nomination per category.
  • Your nominee must be aligned with Catalyst 2030’s values.
  • Your nominee must treat social entrepreneurs with respect, encourage diversity, collaboration, and support systems change.
  • This award is open only to donors, philanthropists, governments, bi-/multilateral organisations or corporates that have been working closely with social entrepreneurs, the SDGs and systems change.
  • Previous Catalyst 2030 Awards winners may not be renominated.
  • Previous Awards finalists are eligible for renomination.
  • All nominations are treated in the strictest confidence. The nominee should not be informed that they have been nominated to maintain the neutrality of the process.

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