Catalyst 2030 Awards | 2021

For Systemic Change

Awards Categories | 2021

The 2021 inaugural Catalyst 2030 Awards recognised systems change actors in the following categories:

Individual Philanthropist Award

1. Individual Philanthropists

An individual person who has donated significant money/time/resources to achieve systems change.

Philanthropic Organizations Award

2. Philanthropic Organisations

An organisation that has donated money/facilitated a project or projects to achieve systems change.
National Governments and Cities Award

3. National Governments and Cities

A country’s national/provincial government or government agency that supports systems change through its programmes.
Bi multilateral Regional Bodies Award

4. Bi/multilateral Regional Bodies

An agency or organisation from one country that provides targeted aid to one or more other countries to achieve systems change.
Philanthropic Organizations Award

5. Corporates/Impact Investors

A for-profit organisation that catalyses systems change through its investments.

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