Catalyst 2030 Awards

For Systemic Change

Corporates Judging Criteria | 2024

About the Award

We recognise that there are specific activities or practices undertaken by corporations which can and do lead to direct impact and ecosystem change. With an Award (or several Awards) we seek to highlight these best practices for private sector engagement with mission-locked social enterprises where they have led to direct benefit as well as ecosystem shifts towards inclusiveness, equity and sustainability.

Award Specific Criteria

An awardee must demonstrate that the company* has experience and commitment working with third-party verified social enterprises (SEs) and that it can demonstrate that:

  1. It has embedded working with SEs into its business operating systems beyond CSR/sustainability activity. To this end, it must have achieved the Catalyst Business Commitment badge at a Gold or Platinum level.
  2.  It understands the interconnectedness and interdependence of the SDGs and therefore works at addressing them in an integrated manner.
  3.  It understands, and discloses publicly, its direct and indirect impacts.
  4. Its business resonates with the Catalyst 2030 values and can demonstrate how it does this.
  5. It is creating structural and systemic changes within its sector, its community and society as a whole.
  6. It understands and has management processes for reducing its negative social and/or environmental impacts and is moving towards or has achieved, ‘decent work,’ net-zero, circular or regenerative practices.

*Seek nominations from those beyond the ‘usual suspects.’
*Incorporate the improvement trajectory as demonstrates the company’s progress against problems (be explicit about the timeline)

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