Catalyst 2030 Awards

For Systemic Change

Governments Judging Criteria | 2023

About the Award

This award celebrates governments that support social entrepreneurship as a means to achieve the SDGs.

Award Specific Criteria

We welcome applications from both national and sub-national governments, which will be judged as separate categories – and there will be five awards in this category: (1) Africa (2) Americas (3) Asia Pacific (4) Europe (5) MENA

We are looking for entries for governments which demonstrate clear evidence of at least two elements of the following within their own countries:

  1. Strong policies, budgets and programmes that foster social entrepreneurship;
  2. Capacity and knowledge-building and training of civil servants that promotes collaboration and co-creation to
    improve systems;
  3. Partnerships with social entrepreneurs, citizens and other stakeholders to co-create transformational change;
  4. A long-term approach to these issues and clear outcomes and impact from these approaches.

A potential criteria matrix based upon the New Allies Handbook can be found here.

Governments Nominations

Nominations are open from 23 March to 15 May 2023. Please submit a nomination before 5:00 pm CEST on 15 May 2023.

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